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 Fagel Farms

Planning Your Wedding

No matter the size of the your wedding or  budget, at Fagel Farms we can help plan a beautiful quaint wedding, or a large luxurious extravaganza. To help get started, below are the basic necessities to host your fabulous outdoor wedding.

Basic Rental Package

Basic Tent Lighting

White Folding Chairs

3- 8’ Banquet Tables

60” Round Tables for Seating

White Folding Chairs

Lap Length Linens for Guest Seating

Floor Length Linens for Buffet and Bar Table

Porta Johns

Delivery and Pickup

Table and Chair Setup and Removal

50 Guests: $2,074.79

100 Guests: 3,784.83

150 Guests: $4,962.66

200 Guests: $5,195.49

We can add fine china and glass wear, chandeliers, decorative lighting, dance floor, elegant chairs, specialty linens, additional tables, and so much more to customize your event and create the wedding of your dreams.

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Check now to see if Fagel Farms is available for your special day.

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