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About Us

& the Property

Nestled away in the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands Fagel Farms is a family owned farm surrounded by an amazing array of manmade and natural beauty. Less than five miles from Frank Lloyd Wright's world famous architectural piece Fallingwater, Fagel Farms rests on 125 acres, which includes three open fields, a horse field, a creek, a diverse forest, hiking trails, and an endless number of breathtaking vistas.  


At the time of purchase in 1992 there was no running water nor any electricity on the property... to say nothing of a driveway or a house! Everything was built with the hope that it would one day be a place where some very lucky parents would be able to spend time with their kids, grand kids, and even great grand kids! And fortunately, it has done just that! 

Fagel Farms at Fallingwater

One daughter chose to be married at Fagel Farms, and a few years later so did their son. After that came the wedding of a close family friend, a family reunion, another family friend's wedding, the celebration of a 90th birthday, and on, and on and on... Soon it became exceedingly clear that Fagel Farms was the perfect venue to bring families together for special life occasions. With that Fagel Farms decided to opened its doors to the world so anyone could use the property as a place to bring together family, friends, and loved ones.


Full of natural beauty and rustic charm Fagel Farms is a magnificent venue with endless possibilities that will allow you to create the outdoor wedding of your dreams. The weddings here have been as varied as the topography. Some were grand outdoor formal country affairs, while others were intimate and rustic chic. So whatever your vision, we are certain Fagel Farms will exceed your expectations, and that you and your guests will come to love this little quiet corner of the world just as much as we have.


With that we say, "welcome!" Please take your time as you visit our website, but even better, feel free to make an appointment to come and visit us.


                                                                                                    Happy exploring!

Max Chamovitz

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